Pastorate Committee

The Pastorate Committee (PC) is responsible for the overall running of the Church. All the members work in an honorary capacity, spending much time deliberating on important issues and taking decisions. They normally meet once in two months. As part of our policy of transparency the Secretary of the PC now shares the highlights of the meeting with Church members on the following Sunday.

Maintenance of the Church rests with the Pastorate Committee comprising of members elected by the general body of the Church. The Pastorate Committee elects its office bearers: the Secretary takes care of administrative matters such as upkeep and maintenance of the Church building and its records, hiring employees, wages, etc.

The Hony. Treasurer handles finances of the Church, which include Sunday collections of voluntary offerings. Permanent members of the Church pay a monthly subscription, which is used for maintenance of the Church. A part of freewill offering collected every Sunday is sent to support the Diocese of Delhi.

Administrative Support Group (ASG) : The members of the Administrative Support Group (ASG) are resposible for carrying out all the activities initiated by the Pastorate Committee.