Womens Fellowship Sunday

In an attempt to integrate the Women of the church in the main worship service, every alternate 5th Sunday is given to the WFCS. They are required to do the various Bible readings, give the sermon in all 3 services and lead the intercessory prayer.

Bring & Buy Sale

One of the most anticipated events by the WFCS is the ‘Bring & Buy Sale’, where women from all three congregations bring home cooked food and sell it in church, the proceeds of which are used for various programmes undertaken by the WFCS.

Family Retreat

The WFCS also organise a family retreat for the families that are part of the church. It is a day long event with various games, sessions and fellowship lunch.


The WFCS is involved in various outreach programmes such as Old-Age Home visits and Orphanage visits.

LPCEF Picnic

The students under the LPCEF programme are brought each year to the Church premises and celebrate Christmas with a day full of fun, games and fellowship. This picnic takes place on the last Saturday of every year. Various events are held for the children such as singing competitions, races and various other competitive events. They are served with a fellowship lunch and are sent away bearing gifts which are given not just to the winners of the competitions but to every child who is part of the programme. The smile that glows on the faces of these children when they received these gifts is worth all the effort put into the programme.