Cathedral Youth Fellowship (CYF)

The Cathedral Youth Fellowship is the Youth wing of the church. For the longest time, the Youth has been a constant pillar in all church activities. In an attempt to build a stronger foundation in the sensitive age in life, the youth of the church (age 16 - till the time you get married) from the English, Tamil and Hindi services together meet at the Diocesan Resource Centre, every Sunday at 10am in summers and 10.30am in winters. Under constant support from the church and the able mentorship of Mr. & Mrs. Selwyn, the youth of the church have constantly grown in spiritual aspects.

The CYF has activities all through the year, including helping out in Church Events, an Annual Picnic, frequent Bake Sales for fundraising, visits to Orphanages and Old-age Homes, an Annual Retreat at a hill station, an Annual Inter-Church youth event ‘UNITY’ and the much cherished ‘Christmas Musical’ in December.