Evangelical Outreach

The Church was commissioned by Jesus Christ to go and preach to all nations, baptizing their people in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Church is thus God's vehicle of salvation on earth, through which people can receive grace and learn to come to Him. Missionary organizations undertake the Lord’s commission in tandem with the local churches. The Cathedral family extends prayer and financial support to the following missionary organizations to fulfill the mandate given by the Lord to the Church.

We have been supporting 15 organizations enagaged in mission work like Indian Missionary Society (IMS), Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), Rashtriya Samachar Parishad (RSP), Bareilly, Vishwa Vani, Bible Society of India, Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM),Life Giving Word, Khrist Mahima Mandali an emerging church through CONCERN, Bishop's college, CASA,St.Martin's Church,CNI Church Santokh Majra, TAFTEE, United Christian Prayer and Delhi Brotherhood for Mission Work.

We also undertake mission trips to the mission fields of these organizations to encourage the missionaries and the believers.