H.A.N. Medd's semi-Palladian design has a Lutyenesque aura about it. Built in white Dholpur stone, it is sandwiched between a roof and plinth of red sandstone. A shortage of funds did not allow for the external face to be made in Ashlar, instead same white stone in coarse rubble was used. The smooth and polished Ashlar was reserved for the moulded courses and the elegant columned porches.

The choir gallery over the main western entrance has the unique William Hill and Norman and Beard pipe organ. With Lady Willingdon's help funds were raised to battle bad acoustics. In 1934, the vaulted ceiling and the dome were sprayed with asbestos mixed with adhesives and colouring matter to successfully lessen the 11-second reverberation. The tower and the dome were added on later in 1935.