Youth Sunday

In an attempt to integrate the Youth in the main worship service, every alternate 5th Sunday is given to the Youth. They are required to lead worship in all 3 services, do the various Bible readings, give the sermon in all 3 services and lead the intercessory prayer. The is a great exercise aimed at acquainting the youth with various traditions of the church.

Bake Sale

In an attempt to raise funds for the various activities that the Youth undertakes, an initiative was introduced which came to be known as the Bake Sale. The Youth bring home-made baked goods like cakes, cookies, muffins, donuts, brownies etc and sell them to church members to raise funds for various youth activities such as the inter-church event UNITY, old-age home and orphanage visits, retreats, and various other events.


The Youth retreat is an annual event wherein the youth of the church get away from the heat and tensions of city life and plan an escape to the hills. This usually takes place in the 2nd week of August. The aim however is not to simply spend some leisure time but also use it as an opportunity to grow more in Christ and spend some time in introspection. The Youth is therefore accompanied each year by the mentors (Mrs. & Mr. Selwyn) as well as a resource person who takes various sessions for the participants. The worship team also accompanies the youth with all the equipment and together they have a wonderful time of worship and meditation. This year the speaker for the retreat is Rev. C.A. Benjamin, the Director of FEBA (Far East Broadcasting Association). He is one of the best speakers for the young in India, and has previously accompanied our church youth to a wonderful retreat in 2017. Listening to him and learning from him is a lifetime opportunity. There are limited seats, do sign up today!


This is a flagship event of the CYF. Started in 2017, the aim of the event is simple - to cut across the boundaries of denomination and provide a platform for the church to be united as one. As part of this event, young people from all denominations (CNI, CSI, Pentecostal, AG, Marthoma, Roman Catholic, Independent) are invited to spend a day together in worship, meditation and prayer, with an aim to drive home the point that we all serve One God, and that there is ultimately just One Church. Last year the event had more than 100 youngsters from 19 churches of various denominations.

Christmas Musical

The CYF presents a Mega-Musical right before Christmas which has gained great popularity over the past few years. The first such Musical by the CYF was ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens done in 2014. This event is a full package, with action, drama, lights, sound-effects, show-stopping numbers and even a smoke machine!! Over the years, the CYF has presented ‘Annie- The Musical’ (2015), ‘Oliver Twist’ (2016) and ‘Christmas in Comfort’ (2018). The show is held in the Parish Hall of the church, directed by the youth themselves, with no professional help whatsoever, it is truly a occasion to attend. Do check it out this year!

Outreach Programmes

The CYF regularly visits orphanages and old-age homes in Delhi. Usually on a Sunday, the entire Youth group goes together with gifts and spends the whole morning with the children (in Orphanages) or the older people (in Old-Age Homes). They also carry food for the people and enjoy a fellowship lunch with them. The CYF also initiated a drive in the winters called ‘Secret Santa’ wherein they go about to the nearby areas and distribute warm clothes and blankets to the people who live on the streets in the bitter cold.