Parish Hall

The Parish Hall is the community hall within the church compound. It acts as a host for various activities that take place on Sunday. All 3 congregations have their Sunday school for children inside the Parish Hall. The Tamil choir practice takes place there. In the afternoon, the Delhi Ao Baptist Church meets in the Parish Hall for their Sunday Service.

During the week however, from Monday to Friday, the Parish Hall is transformed into a school. The Parish Hall becomes the Cathedral Nursery School which is one of the Cathedral’s outreach programmes.

Very recently the high roof of the Parish Hall was replaced with false ceiling and the hall was air-conditioned. This has made the Parish Hall a much coveted venue during peak summer months, and also as a respite to the school children, who found it otherwise unbearable.

The future project of the Cathedral is to transform the Parish Hall from its current form to a multi-storey, multi-purpose hall, which will accommodate many groups at the same time, so that no one is left out. Due to the dynamic cultural essence of the Cathedral and its vast array of simultaneous events, a structure of this sort truly has become the need of the hour.