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  Lay Leaders


Lay Leaders and Believers

Worshippers in English Service

Priesthood of all believers is a Biblical concept, according to which, all baptized believers are called "priests".

In fact, we are all consecrated priests through Baptism, as St. Peter in 1 Peter 2[:9] says, "You are a royal priesthood and a priestly kingdom," and Revelation [5:10], "Through your blood you have made us into priests and kings."

We believe that through Christ they have been given direct access to God, just like a priest; thus the doctrine is called the priesthood of all believers. God is equally accessible to all the faithful, and every Christian has equal potential to minister for God.

Worshippers in Tamil Service
Dr.Theodre Nimal sharing the vision of LPCEF during a church service

As members of the body of Christ we are called the ‘priesthood of all believers’ and therefore a greater participation of all the members of the congregation is required in our worship service. We have the first half of the service now led by lay people and this has brought in a breath of fresh air into our worship. The bible readings are given to people who celebrate their birthdays and wedding anniversaries during that week. They are also involved in conducting cottage prayer meetings, intercessory prayer cell, etc. Their involvement in mission and evangelical work is tremendous.

Believers need to be engaged in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ both by word and by service. A living Church is one which will be engaged in Mission and Evangelism. This evangelism has to be every member evangelism and not of professional evangelists. To encourage us in this direction we are conducting Haggai Seminars.

The pastoral team is supported by lay leaders i.e. Mr Anurag Jacob, Dr Jose Samuel (English) Mr Aaron Gabriel, Mr Thasapa Swamiji, Mr. Lawrence (Tamil) and Mr Jaslin Sundi(Hindi). The lay leaders spend their valuable time in ministering to the elderly and the sick in the Cathedral family.


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